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Lex Business Management is a complex company that offers multiple services:

1. Advice on accessing non-reimbursable European funds.

Developing a business plan from A to Z

Developing a business plan is the backbone of any business. For a start-up business, the business plan is the instrument by which the entrepreneur can coordinate the process of setting up and running the business. The development of the business plan involves several stages:

  • Documenting, collecting information;
  • Effective planning of the firm's business;
  • The actual wording of the plan.

In the structure of a business plan, key structural elements such as:

  • Presentation of the company;
  • Business description;
  • Management plan;
  • Operational Plan;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Financial plan.
To the extent that accessing European non-reimbursable funds is aimed at developing an existing business, the business plan plays an essential role in effectively achieving the intended development of the proposed objectives. In this case, the plan will also include significant data on past company results.

Consultancy in order to obtain non-refundable funding depending on the program you are accessing. At the European Union level, we have a common strategic framework - Europe 2020, and a partnership agreement with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), the Cohesion Fund (CF), the European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development (EAFRD), European Fund for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs (FEMP) and at territorial and regional level - operational programs ERDF, FEPAM, ESF, EAFRD The file of the grant application requires the elaboration of the following documentation: Application for Financing, Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Justificative Reminder, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Marketing Strategies, etc. Project documentation will always be done in accordance with the Applicant's Guide, always taking into account all eligibility conditions.

Our clients are individuals, SMEs and Micro-enterprises all over Romania, and our goal is that through the successful realization of the projects, the beneficiaries will obtain non-refundable subsidies from the union resources available to Romania.
We offer free of charge:
  • Consultancy in the pre-contractual phase;
  • Full analysis of the applicant prior to the signing of the collaboration contract;
  • Analyzing the eligibility of the project and the applicant;
  • Achieving the project's estimated score;
  • Information about the financing system;
  • Information on funding programs, applicants' submission to the program for their development plan;
  • Information on eligible and ineligible expenditure;
  • Information about the beneficiary's rights and obligations;
Drafting (drafting) of projects

After a precise and important analysis in advance, we will proceed to the preparation of the financing application in strict accordance with the legal regulations of the line ministries. Following the submission of the project we carefully monitor its path until signing the financing contract.

In the consulting service we offer:
  • Defining the concept of a project;
  • Assessment of the applicant's economic and financial situation;
  • Elaboration of the business plan;
  • Preparing the feasibility study;
  • Cost benefit analysis;
  • Elaboration of the financing project and completion of the necessary declarations;
  • Submitting financing projects (and annexed documents) to the administrative bodies for evaluation. Note: Our Company will do the on-line submission of the projects, and if the evaluation authority requests the physical submission of the projects, it will be done according to the Applicant's Guide;
  • Assistance during project verification.
Consultancy and assistance during the implementation period of the projects admitted

Once the grant project has been declared approved, the last part of the work will begin. Our company is also at your disposal during the implementation phase of the project, where errors may occur and you may lose funding support. Project management does not end with filing and approving the application for funding. Our qualified specialists are at your disposal in terms of project implementation and monitoring. Your assistance is ensured throughout the project implementation.

  • Drawing up and filing reimbursement files;
  • Elaboration of task books;
  • Elaboration of progress reports and final report;
  • Reporting in the post-implementation period.

2. Establishment of business

Lex Business Management offers business consultancy to develop strategies, starting from the individual customer needs. Business Consultancy provides you with the tools you need to maximize your profit and at the same time to ensure optimal and sustainable development. Consultation involves defining strategies for reorienting the products / services offered, in order to increase the company's profit, or, as the case may be, to build a new business. A company is successful if it firstly has a well-thought-out business plan and well-thought-out operations, at the same time, the success is proportional to developing and maintaining customer relationships. This is feasible if the products / services offered have the quality standards in relation to the consumer's expectations, as well as the carefully developed and respected internal activities. Responding to the needs of our clients, our company offers:
  • Market segment identification studies in order to develop a reliable business on the Romanian market;
  • Company formation;
  • Location identification;
  • Endowment with human resources;
  • Offering collaborators involved;
  • Management outsourcing - resource management, team management, time management, risk management, communication management, quality management, conflict management, financial management and integrated management;

3. Legal services

In our services, we provide assistance for the preparation and preparation of legal and civil or commercial contracts, assistance on issues related to company law, contract law, civil and commercial law and labor law, competition law:
  • Legal assistance in contracting (civil law, family law, commercial law and customs code);
  • -Litigation;
  • Our company can help you with business start-up services, providing you with legal assistance but also the necessary representation in going through the necessary procedures to start a business;
  • Consultancy, assistance and representation in any kind of operations at the Registry Office;
  • Establishment of companies, associations and foundations; Constitutive acts amendments;
  • Increases / decreases in share capital; Assignments, share entries / withdrawals / associate changes / administrator, companies, or any other service related to ONRC;
  • Appointments of administrators / censors; Establishments / Workers' Establishments, Branches, Branches; Seat changes, extension of headquarters contracts; Change of company name; Operating authorizations; Completing objects of activity;
  • Modification of associated identification data;
  • Assistance in commercial negotiations;
  • Counseling in forced execution;
  • Import / export operations (negotiation, contracting, logistics, customs formalities);
  • Orders for payment, receivables recovery, notifications;
  • Legal assistance and counseling regarding the approval and countersigning of legal acts, the verification of the legality of legal and administrative documents received for verification.

4. Business management consulting and outsourced management solutions.

Management consulting is one of the most effective ways to optimize organizational performance. It helps build an identity in the development strategy. The role of the consultant is to define the direction of the company's development according to the business environment, as well as to meet the challenges specific to each market segment in which it operates. Business consultancy can take various forms depending on the needs of the company and the human resources involved. In most cases, a complex management requires strong human resources that are directly proportional to the budgets allocated to them, so on the basis of the cost-benefit ratio, our company offers outsourced management solutions that are appropriate to the need for the business concerned, as result, the beneficiary only pays the service consumed, making the human resources budget considerably more efficient. Within the management solutions provided by Lex Business Management, we offer you a consultant in:
  • Resources management;
  • Human resources management;
  • Operational management;
  • Risk management;
  • Communication management;
  • Quality management;
  • Financial management;
  • Integrated management.

5. Consultancy in import / export operations, domestic and intra-Community acquisitions.c

The efficiency of external procurement procedures is closely related to the buyer's (purchaser's) expertise and experience, which requires legal, management, negotiation skills and thorough knowledge of foreign languages. Both intra-community acquisitions and import acquisitions (third-party countries) have a cumbersome procedure to be followed with accuracy, operations mistakes can even end up with the confiscation or detention of contracted goods, which can significantly block operations of a company or even affect its budget. The Customs Code provides a series of mandatory documents to accompany the goods to be imported, the non-compliance of the documentation or the lack of essential documents may prevent the entire import operation. To avoid mistakes in import operations, our company offers you consultancy throughout the procurement process ranging from contract negotiation to the entry of goods. We offer:
  • Identifying suppliers for various goods;
  • Contractual negotiations;
  • Quality inspection at the supplier;
  • Consultancy in the insurance of goods;
  • Contract logistics;
  • The shipment expedition;
  • Customs formalities (both at PIF and at transit).


We offer total transparency in terms of costs incurred. After the free analysis of the applicant's needs, the consultancy contract will be concluded with our company, the fee being set by agreement between the parties according to the amplitude and complexity of the file.

We guarantee the lowest fare on the market in exchange for high quality services!