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1. Who can do business in Romania?

The Romanian legislation provides for equality of rights and obligations both for foreign investors and investors in Romania with the obligation to carry out activity on the territory of Romania.

2. Who can access European Funds?

Any company, NGO, public authority, which is / is going to carry out activities on the territory of Romania. Provided he meets the eligibility conditions according to the applicant's specific guide for each investment sub-measure.

3. VAT is an eligible expense?

VAT can be an eligible expense for non-VAT companies.

4. What are the obligations of the European Funds beneficiary?

The obligation to accurately observe the European Business Financing Contract, as outlined in the approved business plan, under the sanction of financial corrections (repayment of funds allocated for unrelated or even unequal obligations).

5. Can the same beneficiary apply for more than one non-reimbursable financial support?

Yes, provided that the projects are with different objectives and that the financial parameters are reported separately to the beneficiary company, or, as the case may be, after finalizing the implementation of a financing contract initially accessed.

6. What is your own investment to access the European Funds?

The own contribution of the potential beneficiaries of a non-reimbursable financial support varies between 0% -50% of the total eligible expenditure, depending on the specific objective to be implemented and the total value of the project.